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Hockey NSW Facebook – are posting a series of fitness tutorials, skill sessions, trick shot competitions and much more to keep you moving and Hockey at home.

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International Hockey Federation – Games

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Fitness Activities

Live online program of Netball for students at home:

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Solo sessions with Corbin sisters from the UK – courtesy of Barker College (Kadeen was a Barker coaches in 2017):

Fitness & Skill Development Activities

School Football Fitness/Skills Program – courtesy of St Patrick’s College

School Football Fitness/Skills Program – courtesy of St Pius X College


Fitness Activities

Solo Garden Exercises – Core Fitness (By Dan Cottrell)

Solo garden exercises: Core fitness

Skills Development Activities

Skills sets to be added soon

Fitness & Skill Development Activities

Tennis specific footwork: Source: Bailey Tennis footwork


Only got a small space to keep fit in ?…..Skipping requires a space just 4ft wide x 8ft long x 8ft high (ceiling). Skipping is also one of the best ways I know to get fitter and lighter on your feet. Two of the most crucial elements to your on-court performance! Here is a fantastic basic tennis skipping drill. 10 moves are covered in this routine. Do each for 1 min to create a great 10 min workout, or repeat the routine until you build up to 10 min. Work this into your fitness training and take your movement from "footwalk to footwork" Here's the routine: 1. Boxing Kicks 2. Boxing Flips 3. Boxing Alternating 1-2 Steps 4. Boxing Toes Down 5. Split & Ready Step 6. Push & Split Step 7. Power Jumps 8. Alternating Legs (5+ jumps a side) 9. Agility A-Z 10. High Knees (fast) Move Great! Play Great! Tap the link to visit our store and learn more about our Tennis Blast video/manual packs – all tennis specific fitness programs – the code: STAY@HOMEFITNESS to receive 25% OFF. #tennisskipping #movegreatplaygreat #protenniscoaching #tennisfootwork #tennismovement #baileymethod #thebaileymethod #davebailey #baileytennisfootwork #footworknotfootwalk

Posted by Bailey Tennis Footwork on Monday, 30 March 2020


Contact Pivots: Source: Bailey Tennis footwork

Lesson 1 Low Basic Pivots

STAY @ HOME TENNIS – LESSON 1Over the next 12 days, I am excited to have the opportunity to teach our followers and friends 42 Groundstroke Contact Moves!! The 42 Contact Moves will be taught around the 6 athletic skills that are fundamental to tennis. The Contact Moves are also broken down into 4 levels of mastery – red level, orange level, green level and yellow level. The lessons progress from the simplest to the most advanced. Each lesson / workout should take around 20-25 minutes:- 1. Start by shadowing each Contact -Move, over and over, for 2 minutes until you feel comfortable with the Move.2. Then combine the 4 Contact Moves in the lesson – repeating each move twice (as seen in the video) – in a continuous drill for 2 minutes.3. Repeat the continuous drill 3 times – with a 1 minute break in-between each drill The series starts with RED LEVEL – Pivoting Contact Moves. Pivoting is when one or two-feet pivot after contact with the ball. Lesson One has the theme of Low Pivot Basics 1. FH Low Step Down 2. BH Low Step Down3. Run Around C-shape Low Step Down 4. Run Around U-shape Low Step Down GO! Tomorrow’s lesson will be Red Level – Open and High Pivots. See you then!! Move Great, Play Great!To learn more about the Bailey Method, a revolutionary way to learn fast and efficient tennis footwork and movement, tap the link – #stay@homefootwork #protenniscoaching #tennisfootwork #tennismovement #baileymethod #thebaileymethod #davebailey #baileytennisfootwork #howchampionstrain #movegreatplaygreat

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There are plenty of Youtube videos for Ideas for drills when hitting against a wall. Here is one example; (Source: Intuitive Tennis.)

Fitness & Skill Development Activities

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Fitness & Skill Development Activities

Sport/Activity/Fitness Journal – courtesy of CCGS 6e749d-b208-4b55-9c62-5580e3601a16


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