The 2019 Cathy Parkes Award for Staff Contribution

Jason Cooper – Barker College

Along with recognising outstanding students, the 2020 NSWCIS Awards evening recognises the achievements of its member school’s staff from the 2019 calendar year.

The 2020 NSWCIS Awards recognised one of our own ISA treasures, receiving The Cathy Parkes Award for Outstanding Staff Contribution – Secondary.

This award is presented in recognition of the expertise, time and dedication seen in staff from CIS affiliated Independent schools that actively promote the development of sport within CIS, at all levels from school to national representation. Over a period of approximately 5 -10 years the awardee will have demonstrated exceptional commitment in a range of areas within CIS such as:    

  • involvement and/or promotion of sport at school, association, CIS and state level.
  • Undertaken a notable initiative – a significant contribution eg. Improving opportunities for student participation in a variety of ways, actively involved in the promotion of CIS Sport, introducing new idea in the development or promotion of a particular sport.
  • Only one award is presented annually.

ISA would like to congratulate Jason Cooper from Barker College who is a most deserving recipient of this prestigious award. Jason has been the CIS Swimming Convenor since 2016 and during this time has made an impact on all that have dealt with him in this role.   Quiet, unassuming and diligent nothing is too much trouble for Jason and everything is always done to perfection.  His knowledge and expertise in all aspects of swimming is extensive and he has become our go to man for the many swimming dilemmas, that seem to arise. Charged with overseeing the Championships on the day of the carnival he is constantly on the go, but still finds time to go to the stands and speak to the managers and delegates about how things are going.

Jason did not just arrive at CIS. There have been many years of service and involvement with Barker’s associations CAS for the boys and ISA for the girls. Jason’s association with swimming and CAS began when he was in Year 7 at Waverley College and competed in his first CAS Championship.  On leaving school he returned in an official capacity, then as a teacher and coach. A 25 year connection to an association and sport is impressive.

Jason’s connection to ISA sport has been more recent when he was appointed the Barker Girls Swimming Convenor in 2002.  Since then, Jason has been incredibly generous with both his time and knowledge and has spent a lot of time helping to upskill other staff in both meet manager and team manager. Jason is everything swimming and never hesitates to assist with any matter relating to this sport at all levels. He is very much a staunch supporter of the beginner as well as the Elite Swimmer. Jason is fair, compassionate and professional and those that have had the opportunity to work with him appreciate his work and collegiality immensely.   Jason always puts the students first and has their best interests at heart.

Congratulations Jason on a most deserving award.

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