ISA Softball “Coach the Coach & Player” Day

ISA Softballers Relish the Expertise of the NSW State Players & Coaches

Round 1 for the ISA Softball competition traditionally hosts a “Coach the Coach & Player Day”, organised by our Softball Convenor, Anne Horne. It is an enormously successful day run by the NSW players and coaches, held at Blacktown International Park Softball Centre. This day is predominantly a coach the coach day where the main idea of having a NSW player is to mentor the school coach enabling them to see the developing potential of their players. During the day, each school coach and the NSW players/coaches stay with the students & actively coaches.

The 2018 skills day was very busy with all players able to have time developing 7 different skill sets required in Softball. This included fielding (infield and outfield), base running, bunting, batting, pitching and catching. The NSW players and coaches who worked with our teams were fantastic, ensuring that all had an opportunity to learn. The fact that 6 of the players and coaches were flying out to Japan that evening with the Aussie Spirit team demonstrates how these elite players are prepared to give back to the sport and the players who have chosen to play. It was most pleasing to hear such positive comments from the day, particularly that the ISA players were ready to listen and learn.

The ISA would like to thank all staff and players involved, the NSW players and coaches, and an extra special thank you to Anne Horne, as without Anne this invaluable opportunity simply would not exist.

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