The Scots School, Bathurst v St Stanislaus’ College Rugby – End of a Long Rivalry

Final Rugby Games – The Scots School and St Stanislaus’ College

The rugby fixtures on Saturday the 18th of August between The Scots School and St Stanislaus’ College signified the end of a long rivalry. The history of sporting fixtures between the schools dates back to the 1950s where rugby, cricket, tennis, athletics, swimming and cross countries were fiercely contested between the boarding schools.

Whilst St Stanislaus’ College have had much of the success in recent decades, this has not always been the case. Scots were the dominant Western Associated Schools (WAS) college during the late 1970s and 1980’s. Records reveal that Scots won the WAS Open rugby competition from 1983 to 1987 and dominated almost every swimming and athletics carnival from 1976 to 1990.

For the final games of the 2018 ISA Division 3 season Scots played St Stanislaus’ in the 13s, 15s and Opens grades. Each of the matches demonstrated boys taking great pride in their school whilst also acknowledging that it would be the final time the two schools would meet. The St Stanislaus’ College rugby community were also very respectful and considerate much due to the organisation and planning of Mr David Burke who briefed his players and supporters prior to the fixtures of the significance of the day. One of the memorable and special moments was seen during the tunnel prior to the Scots 1st XV versus St Stanislaus’ 3rd XV match where hundreds of students from Scots, St Stanislaus’ and Kinross Wolaroi formed a huge tunnel right out to the middle of the field. The applause from the students as the Scots players were led to the middle of the field by a student playing the bagpipes was a fantastic recognition of the history between the schools and symbolized the great respect and sportsmanship felt between these rival schools.

At the after match function short speeches and special gifts were exchanged between the two schools to recognize the long history of sport, particularly with rugby.

The Scots School are extremely thankful of Dr Wenham and Mr Burke from St Stanislaus’ College for making the final games so memorable and played with such great sportsmanship and spirit. The two schools have been great rivals and also great allies over the years and we no doubt look forward to building new traditions and a new legacy within the new school Scots All Saints’ College next season.

Justin Adams (Sportsmaster – The Scots School, Bathurst)

Cover Image: Dignitaries from The Scots School and St Stanislaus’ College exchange gifts to commemorate the final rugby games between the two schools.

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