2017 Inter-State Challenge – QLD

At the beginning of the 2017 September School holidays, 28 ISA Representative students in Football, Netball and Tennis, and 5 staff, enjoyed a very successful and immensely gratifying 2017 Inter-State Challenge. Hosted by QGSSSA (Queensland Girls Secondary Schools Sports Association), the 5 participating teams from 4 states continued their 5th year of rivalry playing all matches at the impressive Queensland University, St Lucia Campus grounds. The staff and students appreciated the hospitable and friendly welcome we were afforded. The highlights of our tour were not only the competitive matches we enjoyed and the wonderful and very warm Queensland weather, but largely the social experiences sought by such an event.

The performance of the ISA Girls Football team at the Interstate Challenge was outstanding. The squad was not finalised until the very last minute and as a result, was unable to have a full training session together. Despite this, the ladies bonded extremely well and played an accomplished teamwork based game.

The group was well captained by two of our Yr 12 students Grace Gibbeson and Laura Farrelly. They led from the front and the younger players followed. We dominated possession and were very well organised in defence. We also scored some excellent goals. This all resulted in 4 wins from 5 games, a fantastic return. A huge thank you to the entire squad for their efforts and we encourage the younger members to strive to be part of the challenge next year.

It was also a very successful weekend for our Opens ISA Netball Team. Under the leadership of the team captain, Deni Ross, the girls only lost two games over the three days of competition to Victoria by 8 and our arch-rivals IGSSA NSW by 2. They came in third overall which was the best result we have had at an Inter-State Competition. The talent of all the girls and the quality of the netball games they played was amazing to watch with some wonderful comebacks and sheer determination shown out on court.

Our 2017 Inter-State Tennis Team also appreciated the intensity of the Tournament. Warm sunny weather and a first class tennis facility provided the perfect backdrop for three days of hard fought tennis matches against quality opposition. However, with every match our four ISA tennis girls proved they were up to the challenge and performed stronger and more confidently with every game they played. The team which comprised of Isabella Podesta, Meg Haynes, Jessica Brand and Liberty Jacob were far from outclassed and they proved they could match it with some of the strongest players from each state. Each girl had some strong individual performances and the doubles combinations showed improvement with each match. Congratulations to all girls on your efforts, sportsmanship and the way you conducted yourselves on and off the court at all times.

Finally, ISA wish to acknowledge the staff who accompanied the students on Tour. Mr Matt Bourke (Football Coach), Ms Erin McCluskey (Netball Coach), Ms Rebecca Leeds (Netball Manager), and Mr Rob Littlefield (Tennis Coach & Manager). Thank you most sincerely for the part you played in making the 2017 Inter-State Challenge in Queensland such a memorable success. A special thank you to our wonderful parents who came up and supported both the girls and the staff over the weekend. To all our Year 12 girls, good luck with your HSC and all the best with your future endeavours.

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