The 2018 ISA Girls Basketball Team Perform Strongly at the NSWCIS Championships

2018 ISA Girls Basketball Team

Jesse Smith (Barker College)
Piper Duck (Barker College)
Kelsey Curtin (Oakhill College)
Elena Khoury (Central Coast Grammar School)
Evangeline Nicol (Central Coast Grammar School)
Kate Stanbridge (Redlands)
Gracie Reed (Central Coast Grammar School)
Georgia Genner (Chevalier College)
Serena Waters (Barker College)
Phoebe Johnson (Chevalier College)

ISA 67 defeated CSSA 39
ISA 41 defeated by IGSSA 48
ISA 51 defeated by AICES 58


The ISA team played in a strong competition at Bankstown Basketball Stadium against IGSSA, AICES and CSSA for the NSWCIS Championships. Starting out with fantastic intensity, the ISA team formed a very tight unit from the outset. The support of one another on and off the court was impressive to see. Regardless of who was on court, the intensity never diminished and ISA took the victory 67-39 over CSSA.

In the second game ISA maintained the intensity and took out a 15-point lead in the first half and looked strong for another dominant performance. IGSSA were to be commended that while down, they never gave up and did an effective job shutting down the ISA team. While ISA rallied in the last two minutes, it was not enough with IGSSA taking the win 48-41.

In the final game, the CIS champions from 2017, AICES, started with great momentum sinking 3’s and piling on the pressure. The ISA team returned to their energy levels from earlier in the day and fought on to get back the differential in score with some outstanding defence. It was a terrific game with all players up to the challenge and with a few minutes to go an upset appeared possible. In the end AICES finished impressively with a few fast breaks and converting the opportunity.

Congratulations to all members of the ISA team on such an impressive display. The team spirit and effort levels on display did not necessarily reflect the final result on the scoreboard, however all players displayed some of their best basketball of the season.

At the conclusion of the championships, the following players from ISA were selected in the NSWCIS team.

  • Phoebe Johnson – Chevalier College
  • Serena Waters – Barker College
  • Piper Duck – Barker College
  • Elena Khoury – Central Coast Grammar School

ISA is also represented in the team management with Sarah Clifton CIS Head Coach (Barker College) and Nicole Bailey CIS Manager (Barker College).

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